Whats the best thing to invent for money?

Hey im trying to invent something that will pay alot of money but will cost nothing to invent and sell. like whats something that people would be more then willing to buy if i invented it? I mean I summited an invention idea to this one company and they said it would cost about 30k so im trying now to think some what i could invent that people would want so badly that i wouldnt have to pay that much

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become self taught in IT and write a program like Ebay for nothing and you have what you want.

1 year ago

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I think 30k is the usual fee for developing a product, no matter what it is,
and they don't guarantee it will even go past the development stage.

by Fred - 1 year ago

Well, if you could invent a cheap time machine it'd sell we'll. a pill to reverse aging. A car that runs on water. Fabric that can't get dirty.

by Rick B - 1 year ago

I agree. You know how rich the creators of google and Facebook are now? Very much so.

by Claire E - 1 year ago

Bright ideas spring from filling a need. Successful inventions start with a unique and sometimes quirky idea that addresses a need. Check out how this guy made lots of money with a simple invention that no one thought will need.


by Pepper - 1 year ago