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    how or what do i do to convince my dad on saying yes.?

    Okay well im 15 . And about a month ago i went off edge because im sick of my hometown i hate everybody in it . My parents are makeing my life hell. So i told my mom to call my aunt who lives two hours away from were i live. And i asked if i could move up their both parents were cool with the idea so was my aunt but the only problem was since my aunt doesent have any custody of me what so ever i cant move down their and get enrolled in school without my legal gaurdian and my aunt dident want to do it the illegal way cause she could get in alot of trouble. So my mom made a court date but the court cant sign any papers til like four months if that. So about two weeks ago we found another solution we ended up finding a free attorney well he ended up saying that hes waiting to see the judge to file a doccument tthat way my aunt can sign papers and i can move . Anywho i cant move til december 21st because ill lose school credits so im settiling at my grandparents . Well today i called my dad asking if he could get me a ride to my moms so i could pack my stuff . He ended up finding out whats going on about me and my mom.he ended up getting pissed and started talking about how hes going to fight for custody over me that way my money comes to me which im not mad at him because he should. Well now hes saying i cant move and he really doesent know how bad i want to go cause i hate were i live i need to start fresh. And its not like im not going to come down ill becoming every 2-4 weeks if less. So what do i do? Im confused with mixed emotions and i feel like giving up please help.
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    You're 15. Yes, life may seem like it's miserable, but you'll be alright. Just take a deep breath, and respect your elders. You may think you do, but you do not know everything, and you damn for sure don't know what's best for youself. I don't mean to sound harsh, but frankly i'm tired of seeing disrespectful kids who think they know it all. It'll really be alright. They all just care for you and are trying to do what IS best.
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