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    Can a mute person work as a stock associate at a clothing store?

    Well I am a young mute woman who wants to start earning her money and stops depending on SSI. Right now I am seeking for jobs such as Aeropostale Rue21, and Vanity. I just want to work part time because I am in College. My family is having trouble adapting my decision because of being mute. They are afraid of me getting criticized by customers. I realized communication is a huge issue with having a job, but like I said I wanna start earning my own money in other words I want to come independent within myself. The only problem I have is talking back, but I do hear. I understand English and Spanish I usually communicate with others by writing. And right now I am trying to see if medicaid will get me a computer that would speak for me.
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    Uh, yes I think you can work at a clothing store. There's a mute lady that works as a cashier at my local Home Depot. If they can have her work in that position, then I think you'll have luck in finding a retail job as well.
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    • Congratulations on wanting to become independent and support yourself. I would suggest checking on the websites of one of the larger clothing corporations like Limited Incorporated. They may have some information on employment for those like yourself. Maybe they have something else in their industry that you could work with that would match your desire with your limitations of not being able to speak. Good luck.

      by Ann - 10 hours ago

    • A mute person would not be hired to work as a stock associate at a clothing store due to your inability to talk to customers. Not being able to talk back is a real problem. I understand that speech is beyond your control, however it is not realistic to imagine that you will be offered a job at a clothing store. You would have a better chance getting hired to work as a cleaning person or as a warehouse worker. I commend you for wanting to become independent. I recommend you find an agency that can help you find employment.

      by Heather - 10 hours ago

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