What is the best thing to say to ask Kohl's customers if they want to sign up for a Kohl's charge card?

I'm a POS associate (cashier) at Kohl's. I know what to say if I know the specific discount amount the customer will receive for signing up for a credit card that day. For example, if it was 20% that day I always say, "Would you like to save 20% on you purchase by signing up for a Kohl's charge?"

But there are days when it's one of three discount amounts that the customer could possibly save. It's either 15%, 20%, or 30%. That's what going on right now. I've just been asking customers, "Would you be interested in signing up for a Kohl's charge?" because I have no idea what to say. What is the best way to ask the customer in this situation?

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"Would you like to save at least 15% on your purchase?"

Best wishes and good luck.

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I'd make it sound interesting, by saying, half-whispering, "hey, did you know you can save 20% simply by..."

I feel like people automatically tune out rehearsed lines, like, "Would you like to sign up..." or "Would you like to try..."

by Z95 - 1 year ago