I have work and business and feel like going back to school again?

Ok, I drop out from college at 18 years old, by then Ive been working and now im 25yo. I have a stable work and business, while the rest of my friend still struggling with their job and business.

I have a few stores around the country and I have my own workshop for production.

Now, business are getting better, and I think I need more technique that I need to learn to make my business better and market my product overseas. thats what I think.
I was thinking to study overseas, the short course may be will be taking 3months or may be more.

But do you think its a good way for me to leave my work and just go back to school? It wont be cheap and I need to spend like 10k monthly. and I might be need to go back and forth once a month.

and worst, I have a wife who wanted to stick with me all the time. and I need to bring her abroad as well.
I know my question right now is a bit childish, please bare with me. can you give some ideas what will you do if you're in my position?

pleasee advice.

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Getting more education can never hurt you negatively, it's always beneficial.

1 year ago

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dont give up ur job u hav to take the help of experienced members in ur company or other,,,,,,,,,u av t learn from them understand what they do and ask.......if u get expirence no need to go to school......otherwise going school also better without taking anybody help.............

by Gabbar - 1 year ago

From what I think that is way too much stress for you and the expenses are so high I don't think the times right you already have businesses that are doing so well at the moment and also a wife. So I'm saying leave it for now and do it 1-2 years down the line.

P.s 15 and hoping to start a business


by Snowy - 1 year ago