can i pay 2 people in one payroll check?

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Yes, you can. Now would I do this, NO WAY. (this is making the assumption they are employees not a partnership etc...)

HOWEVER, you still have to have the separate accurate records for both people. And file the necessary tax forms for each.
And you better have a WRITTEN statement from all parties (for your protection).
There is no law saying that you even have to issue a can pay them cash if you choose to do so!.

Now, if you mean can you report a spouses income under the other spouses name and SSN...NO you CAN'T DO THAT.

(I am also making the assumption that the only reason, you would want to do this is because they do not have a bank account and it costs them money to cash the check (lame excuse they could take it to your bank). But if it is to avoid one spouse having the money want to avoid that---highly illegal.)


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No. You need to show the taxes taken out and any other deductions for each employee.

by Roddy - 1 year ago