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    I am considering expanding my online business by working with a drop shipper...?

    I am considering expanding my online business by working with a drop shipper for computer parts and electronics. The thought has me uneasy because I realize that my business reputation will become a reflection of how well the drop shipper I choose delivers. Does anyone know of any drop shippers worth recommendation and if so what pointers or suggestions do you have?
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    I'm not in the biz, but here's a few suggestions: - When you are evaluating a drop shipping company, ask for some references. Go to those websites and scan for any complaints related to shipping, wrong items, damaged goods. Anything that may tip you off that this drop shipper may have issues. - Before you sign up, go to one of the reference sites and order a few things you know will come via the drop ship company. Do several orders - weekend, Monday, Thursday. Time how quickly your goods arrive - and double check item accuracy and condition. A little real life testing never hurts. good luck
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    • Honest reliable drop shipper is an oxymoron. You will not be buying at wholesale, but close to retail and make no money.

      by Henry - 8 hours ago

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