Can multiple users use QuickBooks 2011 at the same time, in different locations?

I work in an accounting group for a small startup. Before I joined, my CFO was the only person with a Quickbooks license. Now we both access the same file from two separate computers. The only problem with our setup is that I cannot access Quickbooks when she brings her laptop home. Is there software/hardware we can install to make Quickbooks more multi-user friendly?

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You could pay to have QuickBooks hosted by an Authorized Intuit Hosting provider remotely - that way you can each log in from where ever you are regardless of what computer you are using.

Does the actual QB file live on her laptop? Sorry I'm a little perplexed about your comment about not being able to access QB when she brings her laptop home.

There are some other options, but I'm hesitant to provide any details until I know more about the situation.

1 year ago