I'm surprised should i give amway a chance?

So my boyfriend and i been together six years. He just got out of the military i met his family three years ago they didnt have alot of money and his cousin had to work night shift he and his wife have two beautiful kids . Welp they both got introduce to amway company they thought this is all a lie how could someone make thousands in one month or 60 thousand in one year and it not only about money its about helping out as a team .. His cousin told him about it and mat was like well that seems kinda wierd i dunno . mat went with his cousin and now mat has 12 people under him and thier family buy product good products everything natrul vitamins diet supplements shampoo best buy is with amway metro pcs everything you can think of amyway has it and its very good stuff and for cheaper price .. Anyone could do this business all over the world people are working with amway its too good to be true but its real please look it up anyone who reads this message god bless ..

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No! I have family who got started with Amway and on top of trying to get folks to go to endless meetings and finding out they were more interested in the cookies and goodies you offered with your own money. Its just not worth it. There is always someone who shares their enthusiasm for it, but deep inside they are desperate themselves trying to get you to get more people involved and they just don't. If you cant think of 10 people who you know would be absolutely interested then your only gambling your time and money and even valuable family time with your loved ones. Not worth it! Give yourself and your family a chance instead.


1 year ago