I have a promotion at my work that customers are trying to take advantage of...?

I have a promotion at my restaurant that customers purchased through The deal was, Purchase a $41 gift coupon for the restaurant for $20. The only restriction was limit 2 per table and for food purchase only. Well I have a customer coming in this evening and wants to use 4 of them for 2 couples. I explained to her that I can't do that and that they would have to either sit at separate tables or just use 2 and come back a different time to redeem the rest. Why as the businessman should I feel like the bad guy for people feeling entitled?! Thanks for your input!

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This is a pretty common restriction; as long as the coupons say this, your customer knew about the restrictions and is, as you say, trying to take advantage of you. The reason restaurants place these restrictions, as you know, is to stand a chance at making money off the portion of the bill not covered by coupons -- they're clearly trying to scam you out of any profits and probably won't be back sans coupons.

Stand your ground. You make the rules; great customer services doesn't mean you have to go broke. If they don't understand, they're more trouble than they're worth, and they're taking up space that could be used by real, appreciative, paying customers.

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you're in the right, technically, but would it hurt you, really? just to let them use the coupons together. just insist on separate checks, rather than separate tables so you can save the xtra table for another customer who is paying full price.

would you rather alienate 4 people who will never come back or accommodate and have repeat customers?

by Little Debi - 1 year ago