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    Will you check out my online store?

    First off, NO its not spam. But can you check out my store and give me some ideas for shirts and other things, and also let me know what you think? Ive had it for a little bit but no one has bought anything, so i just want some feedback on what the yahoo community thinks, thank you!! :D http://thecatshop.spreadshirt.com/
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    Hey Kristin, I went through all of your designs. The one's I liked the most were the iPhone "You Twit Face" case, the Mayan 2012 shirt, and the North Pole Sweatshop one. I'm not sure why nobody has bought anything. I personally don't buy t shirts on the internet, but I probably would if I had more money. I have a question for you now. I was just looking at Spreadshirt earlier today. How much do you get to keep of a 20 dollar shirt if someone buys one? I am considering doing this for myself. Thanks
    3 years ago

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