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    When is it mandatory to register as a business seller on ebay?

    Hello, I have a seller account on ebay. I would like to know when is it mandatory to open an ebay store or register as a business seller? I have an angry buyer who is threatening to report me because I have over 400 items listed for sell and I do not have an ebay store registered to my account. She claims ebay urges buyers to report sellers that have a significant amount of merchandise for sale, as they have to register as a business seller and a store. I don't plan on selling on ebay for long term. I just sell some used books and handmade items that my mom made some time ago that is taking up storage space. I would like to know when am I required to register as a business seller. I am not very familiar with ebay policies because I don't often sell on ebay. I've been trying to get rid of some things lately, which is why I've listed a lot of items. Not that it’s relevant, but in case you were wondering, this particular buyer is extremely angry because she purchased an item, paid for it, and the next day sends me a message (after I have shipped the item) demanding me to lie on custom forms so she could save on import tax. I have stated in all my listings that I won’t falsify custom documents because it is against the law. I know some sellers do it, but that’s just something I don’t want to do. But either way, the item was already dropped off for shipping before I received the message. I told her this and she was furious, threatening to report me to ebay, to the government… and she said she will track me down to my address. (crazy lady right?!) Some of the messages she sent were to my personal email address that she pulled off of PayPal after paying. Unfortunately ebay can’t intervene with the private emails. I would appreciate any help or suggestions as to what I can do to protect myself against such claims and how ebay works when it comes to a selling account. Thank you so much for reading this far! :)
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    There's no such thing as a "business" seller account. You either sell or you don't. It's up to you whether or not to open a store. No one has to open one regardless of the number of items they sell. But it makes financial sense to do so for most sellers when they reach a certain inventory level, because of the discounts. That may be changing as eBay offers so many free listings. No buyer has any business whatsoever telling you how to run your eBay business, and how such a discussion might even have started, I can't imagine. If you're selling multiple identical items, you may be in violation of eBay's Multiple Listings policy, but eBay usually prevents you from listing more than one of the same item automatically. eBay is a breeding ground for nut cases like this buyer. Add her to your blocked bidders list and be sure to set your preferences so that blocked bidders can't contact you. Save the e-mails. If she negs you for refusing to break federal law, show them to eBay to try to get the neg removed. You may want to re-evaluate your decision to sell globally. I always did, but found that only about 2% of my sales were foreign. Yet for those buyers, I had to stand in line at the Post Office and sacrifice seller protection because First Class Mail International is the only reasonably priced foreign shipping option -- and the only one that you can't print a label online and isn't trackable. Now I only ship to the U.S. And BTW, stop using your home address TODAY. No one should ever give out their real home address to strangers. Get a private mailbox or a PO box. A private mailbox is much better because private companies will give you much better customer service. And you'll cut your risk of ID theft by not having your mail sitting out on the street for people to steal. And be sure to use a phone number that isn't reverse-searchable, like Google Voice.
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