family business, should the employee ever notify the owner of a decision?

SO i'm managing and part own a business. I run it day to day. We're not taking the brunt force of this hurricane so i had no plans to close down. My employees all live within a 5 min walk of the business and have vehicles on top of that. So there was no safety issues either incase it did get worse.
My dad calls in and decides the place needs to be closed down.
I run another business and when i show up later to do my rounds, i find a sign on the door saying we're closed.
Due to it being 2012, I make closing announcements primarily through my website and facebook notifications. So i'm a bit upset to find out my business has been closed for over an hour...clients are upset that we are shut down with no notifications. Other employees are showing up to work to find out the business is closed.
When i bring this to my parents attention, they told me if i ran the business properly, my employees would notify me about closings?!?!??!
Shouldn't this always come from the top down. Is there any expectation for an employee to be notifying me of anything management related......if they do, shouldn't they be paid more than me?

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Your dad is an idiot to believe employees would ever think that it would be their place to inform you, unless he specifically asked one of them to call you or something. If he makes that decision, he should have informed you directly instead of assuming someone else would think to tell you.

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Show your facebook page where customers are complaining that you were closed in the middle of a hurricane without notice. Or even where you have this GIGANTIC facebook following that it would even matter.

Your dad is the PRIMARY owner of the business, correct? Get over yourself.

by A Hunch - 1 year ago