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    What happens if someone opens a case against you on Ebay?

    Right well I seen a coat in an auction and it wasn't going for too much. I ended up winning it because of little interest and the item only had five minutes left. I ended up paying £20 for it. I looked up reviews of it on the topshop website and many people said the coat was of a bigger fit, so you could buy it a size down. The thing was, I'd bought the coat a size up and I didn't want to pay for something that wouldn't fit. I sent the owner a message of apology saying I was very sorry for buying the item but I couldn't take it any longer. She's opened up a case against me today and I'm not sure what that means? I've only had my Ebay since August and haven't done too much on it. I've bought a couple of things, but that's it. Does this mean that my account will be suspended or that I'll have to pay fees or something? Please help and thank you!
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    Not a good start to your career on ebay. They are now taking a much harder line with non-paying bidders - and that's what you are. That little box that pops up to say you are entering into a legally binding contract...did you think it was just there for decoration and could be ignored at will? If the seller just wanted her fees back, she would have agreed to cancel the transaction. She wants you to buy - and quite right too. You can always resell if its doesn't fit, but don't start reneging on deals.
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    Other Answers

    • When you win something on eBay you are expected to pay for it. You can't just change your mind afterwards. The seller has raised an unpaid bidder dispute against you meaning if you don't pay for what you bought, you will get a strike against your EBay account. This can affect your ability to bid on or buy things in future, no seller wants a "time waster". The seller has also done this so she doesn't have o py her eBay fees. Buying on eBay is free but sellers have to pay money to list items and pat again if the item is sold. This is why they get mad at buyers who don't pay for items they won.

      by bron357 - a day ago

    • no,shes only opened a case so she can get her money back.you should really ask her to cancel the transaction.its best to do that otherwise she can leave negative feedback for you.

      by janene - a day ago

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