T-Shirt Company Buisness? POINTS HELP PLEASEEEE!<3?

OK me and my friend are starting a T-Shirt Business and we need some names. We think we are doing tye dye, pictures, cut outs, personalisation, basically anything to do with shirts and tops and stuff. We need a name,: We have come up with #HashTag Clothing? Would that be good or is there any other ideas, PLEASE HELP?

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hmmmm....I made one called Big Willie Styles.

#HashTag Clothing is pretty good, but if it was me i'd go with "styles" or "gear" or "designs" instead of "Clothing".

In your photos and advertisements for your clothes you could have the models making the "hash tag" sign by crossing two peace signs infront of them to for a "hash tag" gang sign haha.

Hope this helps


1 year ago