Could a child start a business?

Hi, I'm a young child interested in creating a business.
A business consists of me, my friend, and my friend's brother.

During the business, we'll create a comic book and sell 'em.
But here is the drawback, we don't know where to sell 'em?
Do you think we can sell them at school?

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The main thing you need to focus on is the quality of the comic books and if they are great, than the rest will come. Ask beforehand if you can sell them at school. If you can't, you can still tell people about them and they can buy from you somewhere else. You can also start selling online. I am a 16 year old online marketer, and am interested in what you have. Is there an email I can message you at? I want to talk about your business.

1 year ago

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You need to talk to the school first. The comics will need there approval. Most likely they will not let you sell them there, but you don't know unless you ask. You can sell them OFF school grounds to friends. Talk to your Parents First!!! Good Luck!!!

by Roger - 1 year ago

You need your parents help also. There are things you cannot do at your age.

by Cathi K - 1 year ago