Is it worth it to start a handmade beaded jewelry business?

I have recently found myself out of work and would love to put my crafting abilities to use and try to work from home. I am good at making beaded jewelry and have recently learned to make paper beads. I would like to know if making and selling the handmade beaded jewelry and/or making and selling the handmade paper beads will be worth it to start up. I have all the materials I need because it's always been something I like to do, so there won't be any initial start up. Unless I have to pay to post my products on a certain site. Has anyone else done this and does it make for a profitable (or just extra money, doesn't have to be a whole new income) business?

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The others are good advice, but I'll put it more clearly for more readers than just you: It's a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid is every housewife and schoolkid on Earth doing "crafts" and "crafty things". Some of them want to sell, some of them don't care, they just enjoy it. But that's your competition - everybody with a pair of scissors. Maybe you actually had some classes or schooling or maybe you actually are more talented and have something real going for you. Then you go up a notch in the pyramid. Then you maybe use real tools and invest in real, quality materials and make a fine product, and go up another notch, and again and again. The top of the pyramid is real, professional people with real, professional training. Anybody in the world can pick up a piece of string and put beads on it, but then again huge numbers of people like to buy and wear beads. It's tough to stand out, though, and the products tend to be inherently low budget and low profit. I'm not saying to not do it, just be aware that it's a tough gig. Paper beads could be good if they are more special. They are also fragile unless you treat them somehow, and people won't buy "temporary" jewelry much. Probably the biggest site for craft stuff is Etsy -


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There's a lady in our church that does that. She doesn't make enough to pay any bills, so unless you have an extreme talent, it will be more like a hobby.

by Dan B - 1 year ago

Search around on some of the more popular selling sites. You will find everyone and their brother trying to make money off of it. Competition will be very stiff. It is unlikely to bring you enough money to even make it worth your time unless your designs are massively different and popular. If they become popular you can expect everyone to copy your design and begin competing with you at lower prices.

by Roddy - 1 year ago