Money Cash Register Draw?

How many times it is emptied in a businessto take money into the bank ?

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We take out the cash at the end of the day. If we get busier, then I can see taking out cash mid-day.

My thinking is, take out the cash if you don't want to be robbed of that much. So, if I don't want to lose more than 500 to a robber, then I would empty the drawer when there was over 500 in it. Other places empty at the end of each shift.

1 year ago

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It depends on the business.

by DR + Mrs Bears face - 1 year ago

Why do you ask?

Somebody thumbsed me down because they're stupid, I guess. It's not just a suspicious question, it would make me keep you on camera 24 hours/day. if I was your employer. Unless you want to elaborate some rational reason besides trying to time when the drawer has the MOST cash in it.

The people around you are not stupid.

by John D - 1 year ago