Do you think doing this is ok?

Is it ok for a 16 year old to send a text to a few adults she knows asking them to please give her number and information to people who need babysitting or cleaning or petsitting done? What should you say if you don't have experience in the jobs, but are truly responsible and trustworthy? What other at-house tasks are there to offer to do someone for pay besides what I've listed? Is it ok to charge the same rate? And is it ok to charge 8-$10 an hour and ask for a ride from the person you're doing these things for to the house you're going to, and then back home, if you don't know how to get there? If they pick you up and take you back home should you pay them part of what you make to give them gas money? What is a good way to remember how to get there when you decide to walk there? How late is it ok for the kid to do the job on a school night, and how often a week?

For those of you who answer this throughly, thank you and I will try to answer your questions if I can find the answer if you tell me you need it. Thank you to those who have already answered. Same to you.

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Not appropriate to get them to drive you there and back. You're meant to be providing the service, not them.

1 year ago

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Yes, I think it's a good idea. It's actually a form of advertising called "networking".

btw, ignore the people that are trying to get you to go to other sites - they're just spammers.

by Eric H - 1 year ago