Can one work at a fast food restaurant at age 14 if they get a worker's permit?

In california?

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I believe so.
In order to get your permit. You may need to show your school schedule and maybe have a letter stating how many hours you are allowed to work.

Fast food is ok but hard work.

Try a job in a library, books, smart people and you can learn a lot for your own future since they have so much current information.

Maybe a counselor in school or teacher can help you get a job in a library.. Or try the librarian at your school.....

Another easier better job than hard core fast food work is maybe at a movie theatre...
Ticket usher, concession stand person, and more and you get to see movies for free.

Enjoy and best to you.

Working is a great part of life, you should be proud that you are looking towards that.
God bless you and best to you always.


2 years ago

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Yes, according to this a 14 year old may work in retail or food service, but not cooking. You may only work 3 hours on school days, but 8 hours on non -school days. Details of the work permit required are here

by bluebell - 2 years ago