Any tips for buying wholesale and selling on Ebay?

Like, what kind of licence do I need to buy wholesale (California)?
Is Ebay the way to go?
What can I expect from wholesalers?
What sells well?

Thanks in advance!

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Most wholesalers sell in large quantities. Don't expect to buy five of anything. I just sold off the last of a bunch of digital cameras. They sold faster than the last batch I bought. Got them for $46 each but had to buy 400 of them. Got an extra $18,000 laying around? How about a warehouse?

Most US wholesalers won't even talk to you if you don't have a business license and a Tax ID. Some of the foreign ones don't give a hoot but the customs people will. Speaking of taxes, get a good tax man. Both the state and the feds want their share. They tend to get real nasty if you try to hold out on them.

2 years ago

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