Best small business website host?

I'm starting my own business and I need a good host website (e.g godaddy and intuit) that can allow me to implement the 'checkout' on a product so it can be bought online. I would like to it have package that allows me to buy a domain and gives me an extremely good amount of space to make my website and building tools. :) Any suggestions. btw. I am selling clothes and accessories online.

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Check this out, and see if they can help you out. Go to right of the navigation menu and go to "Build a website" you will see many services under that. See what will work for you.

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Have you:

done extensive market research first?
written yourself a biz plan?

most people want to try on clothes before they buy--same with accessories--
90% of all clothes and misc web sites earn no profit--
do you have ALSO a fixed site retail store site to rent? Then, if you had a walk in site ++ an on line
site, that can earn you $$$

available to guide further

by kemperk - 2 years ago


You might get some help from

Good Luck

by Andrew - 2 weeks ago