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    $60 a month to run a website? Are you crazy?

    So a woman from the yellow pages just came by and was telling me how I should promote my pet sitting business. She said I could make a website for $60 a month. Uh yeah that would be ok if I had some good money coming in, but I don't. I'll just stick with a free website. I just had a webpage for my pet sitting business on a facebook page, tumblr blog and I used to have it up on msn pages and a aol webpage. But that closed down years ago. I'm not new to the pet sitting world. I've been doing it for 19 years. So does anyone know of any free websites I could use? Oh and I have business cards that I have put out over the years. I just have neighbors and close friends that I pet sit for.
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    • no website is totally free -if you want your own domain name - if you've been doing it for 19 yrs, what could a website do for you - that type of business is usually a word-of-mouth, put business cards at library and grocery store kind of business

      by Zarg222 - 17 hours ago

    • That's cheap !!! Make your own website if you can't afford $60 and advertise in local places where dog owners go eg pet shops etc

      by Jan409 - 17 hours ago

    • That fee is not unusual. At the cheapest you could find someone to create a site for $400 flat fee. You have no idea how easy it is to create your own website. You could get a book from the bookstore such as How to Create your own website Spend a couple of hours reading it. And have the site up and running. It's not rocket science.

      by Go with the flow - 17 hours ago

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