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    What is the best work from home job out there that really pays and I can make real money?

    Im looking for a legitiment way to make money from home. Is there any way to make money from home which is not a scam?
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    Start an errand and odd job service for the elderly people in your neighborhood. Print up flyers on your PC and hand them out to your neighbors. If business picks up, hire some of your friends to help you.
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    • No such thing as a work-at-home "Job!" They're all scams. You either telecommute for your current employer - if the type of work you do can be done offsite & employer allows this - or start your own business. What are your qualifications? Education, experience, expertise, hobbies, skills, etc? What equipment, space, etc, do you have, and what do you need? Award-winning quilters create custom quilts for $2000 & up. Teens who invented unique tote bags, stitch them up and sell them to classmates, even expand to online sales of their one-of-a-kind creations. Experienced copywriters, accountants, bookkeepers, graphic designers, etc, often start their own business from home - need references, samples, etc, and website, business cards, and market your expertise. Stay-home moms do in-home daycare. You need to own your home (cannot do from rented house or apt!), have at least $1 million, preferably $2-5 million in liability insurance, check state regulations. Typically max of 6 kids, including your own, so if you have 3, you can take in 3. Lots of work, long hours, not a lot left when you deduct costs, but it sure can supplement hubby's salary. So what can you DO well that is worth paying for, and who's your target market in your area? Who needs your products/services, and how can you let them know you can provide what they need?

      by ibu guru - 10 hours ago

    • You can babysit, mow lawns, wash cars. You could become a realtor, or you could get a job in outside sales, etc.

      by Rick B - 10 hours ago

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