Is a good, real and trusted website for those who want to be discovered?

I would like to voice a few cartoon characters someday and I was just wondering if this is a safe and good site to use.

2 years ago - 6 answers

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Casting360 is great! I am registered with them for more than 1 year already! I had so many great casting offers! check out real testimonials written by castign360 members


2 years ago

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they are awesome!
so many different casting calls
all members are like a family I recommend casting360 to all

by Leon Lasnissel - 2 years ago

if you want to become a movie extra this is for you! really worth trying

by Jane Blaine - 2 years ago

I say their safe. I got called for legit auditions, photo shoots. I earned some money too.

by Anri Motto - 2 years ago

wooohoooo I have received a great offer from a producer on the next day after I registered

by Michael - 2 years ago

I am asking for a favor. When I enrolled in Casing 360 I also agreed to a trial magazine promotion.
I cannot find the phone number to cancel and I have been on the phone for an hour
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you

by Jolene - 1 month ago