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    What independent sales companies like Avon and Mary Kay are there?

    I know there are similar businesses/products that work the way Avon and Mary Kay do.... I've seen jewelry and home decor, but don't remember the names.... Anyone know of any independent commission based sales companies? Thanks.
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    Theres Kleeneze and theres a lot of money in it. In your first few months you'll probably just make £50 a week 2-3hr days but as your Kleeneze customer base builds up in a years time you can be on £1k - £2k a month maybe even £3k depends on how much time and effort you put into the Kleeneze business. Can be back breaking work at times and if you do to much. The other side of the Kleeneze business is where the real money is made - you hire people to join your team, recruit them, train them and provide them with on going suppourt and for that you earn 4%- 7% commision on their Kleeneze orders. works out to be about £70 for each person you hire. When you have a team of a few thousand members thats when you earn half a million a year. But it will take you 5 - 10 years to built up such a large team. A lot of people working for kleeneze have done it and are living the life they dreamed off. Theres alot of money in Kleeneze and its more a long term business than a short term and it does take time and effort. Well worth it though. If anyone would want more info contact - asif underscore anw4r at hot male dot com google keyword is Kleeneze lol
    4 years ago

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