How can a 16 year old make money from home?

i'm 16 years old & i'd really like to make some money. i can't really leave the house cause my mom works all day & night, 5 days a week & i watch my 6-year-old sister. i need some kind of way to make money & please don't tell me online surveys, cash scams, blogs, ect. easy ten points.


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Do not give any strange site your name, address, age, phone numbere, etc.
These sites do NOT pay - they are scams.
They take your info and sell it for profit.
Online work at home scams are mind boggling to say the least....

3 years ago

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Sorry, hun..not possible.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago

Even though I've made money on legitimate sites for surveys, you're to young to participate at 16. Sorry.

by M - 3 years ago