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    What happens if I pay after due date on a pawn shop?
    I pawned a 14k gold necklace and the 14 is the due date it's on a Sunday tho and I don't have the money rite now. Can they hold until Friday that I can pay or will they call it theirs after the 14? Whays gonna happen If I don't pay it
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    After the due date, they can do anything they like. Read your contract.
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    • If you do not have enough money to pick up your pawned item, you have the option of making a smaller payment that will extend the term of your loan. Here in Indiana it works like this: Say you make a loan for $100 on your item, you have 90 days to redeem or extend the loan and every 30 days you are charged approximately $22. If you come into the shop before the original term of the loan is up and pay that $22 or a portion of, your end date for your loan will be extended. For example, $5 would get you an additional 6-7 days, $10 an additional 14 days, or $22 would get you an additional 30 days. If your original loan term was up today and you don't want to lose your pawned item, I would suggest that you be at the shop when they open tomorrow to make that small payment, or at least give them a call to let them know that you will be coming in. Some shops will hold your loan for an additional few days if you give them a call, but it's up to the particular shop if they do or not.

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