how much do i need to start a small business?

Is $10,000 enough money to start a business?

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What kind of business are you planning to start?

If you want to start a small at home business, you need approx. $500 to begin [or less, depending on the job]

And if you want a "real" small business, you need to get lease information and you need to know what kind of business you want to start so you can do some research.

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5 years ago

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Oh stop right there its better you have a clear idea before you invest some money.If u invest $10 of money you should get atleast $50 as profit.If you wanna earn money online there are so many free resources....Think twice before you invest

by Rupa f - 5 years ago

An impossible question to answer properly. Yes, if you know exactly what the money will be spent on and how long you can finance the new business until it starts making money.

Investing $10,000 in the wrong business and you could lose it all within days.

by AnIsland - 5 years ago

yes depends on what business you do.what kind of business you are going to do?

by Roy - 5 years ago

Yeah, if your only gonna serve lemonade.

by Tina Marie in North Mexico - 5 years ago

What kind of business?

by Debbie W - 5 years ago

hey, try online business like Webstore, Online Publishing etc. To do this Visit this website and find some best business. Very low investment.

by Online Earning N - 5 years ago