Any one know how I can start my own phone sex business?

I've been working as a phone sex operator for about 2 years and now I would like to start my own adult line with employees and everything. I'd like to know if anyone had any tips or information on how to do this. I am serious about this, so only serious answers please. No telling me how bad it is .

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Know what you are getting into. Direct dial means that the phone will ring directly to you without going through a dispatcher first. You will be taking payments or verifying that he has paid before you begin the call. There are those companies that will make you get your own 800 number; some will get it for you. The amount you will make per minute is higher with a direct-dial company because you are responsible for more of the business aspect of it than a dispatch company.

Know about taboos. Taboos are things like children, animals, necrophilia and extreme torture. Some companies will allow you to talk about these things if its their clients wishes; others will not allow you to discuss it under any circumstances. If you can't or won't talk about those things, make sure you sign with a dispatch company that is a "taboo company". This will mean they won't allow it. A "no-taboo company" is one that will allow anything to be discussed.

Do your homework on the companies. Good places to ask questions and find out about companies before you sign up with them are PSODivas and Phone Sex at EZBoards. Find out all you can before you sign up with a company. Make sure that you understand the differences between a dispatch company and direct dial, combo, affiliate or trolling company.

Keep a journal or any type of records on your clients. That way, when you have repeat customers, you will know what you discussed last time.

Some companies will pay by the hour (which I don't recommend), and those you will have to keep the phone to your ear the entire time. Make sure you understand what your company requires as far as minimum log-in time. Some have it at 10 hours a week (just logging in, not talk time), others as much as 40 or more hours. Know the company.

Direct-dial companies are great after you have started on a dispatch line. It is a good step to get used to before you start doing your own phone sex business completely on your own without any outside companies help.

Step7: (my own points)
Start a website and start accepting payments on the net. Give them your number once they make the payment to you


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Yea you start by not doing it.

by Tyler A - 5 years ago


no really what?

by Ryan - 5 years ago

i called my phone company (att)

by Ashley - 5 years ago

send me an email address. I have a video phone that is both secure and discreet. I want to start up the same business. This phone will revolutionize the industry. We can be on top, no pun intended.

by James - 5 years ago