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    Why wont anyone hire me?

    I graduated high school. im 34 years old. ive only had 3 jobs.. 2 were fast food and the other was a cashier at walmart. i took typing and all the computer classes in high school, i have my own computer, my own office in my home, filing, everything. for bills and such. i have been trying to get a job as a secretary/receptionist for 2 months now. ive applied everywhere thats hiring. but no one will give me a chance since there is such a gap in my work history. i havent worked in 14 years. im ready to go back to work. i have the skills, i just havent gotten paid for them. anyone have any advice?
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    Your past work experience is nothing to be ashamed of nor the fact that you were raising kids and are now ready and prepared to re-enter the job market. Kudos to you. You may need a little brushing up on resume and cover letter writing. I'm not saying spend $500 or MORE on professional resume writing but a lot has changed in 14 years from online resumes, and new "buzz" words, even interviewing processes. Browse through this website, I think you will find it helpful
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    • That's one thing I've never understood about the U.S., this having to explain a gap in your work. I don't get why that's any of their business! Employers forget that without workers, they wouldn't have a business. It's become all about people begging for jobs and I just can't subscribe to that. As for raising children, I think that should be pretty obvious when told to a potential employer and should need no more explanation. Be patient and keep putting out resumes, you never know when the timing will be right. In the meantime, I agree that you might want to start looking at a home business as an option. I had to do that because as you can tell, I have a problem with the system the way it is, so I decided to take my own fate into my own hands. The good thing about a home business is that you don't have to JUST work from home, you can spend as much time as you need working from home, but you can also get out out of the house too. But your babysitting costs would be substantially lower than if you were to be employed full time. Let's face it, working outside of the home full time can be almost redundant after you pay your sitter. I know, I did it for many years and the pay-off finally came when I started working from home. Life changing.

      by Mexico4me - 16 hours ago

    • As I see it you have 2 options lol, either A. (which is what I think the better idea) go to a community college for 2 years with a shitty job and get a half decent job or... B. become one of those self employed people/work from home kinda thing... like the whole "ebay revolution".

      by Noctis BR - 16 hours ago

    • lie on ur application..fill in those gaps with a false job history and tell them you just moved from another state give a phony company with a phony address and a phone number that you know doesnt work..dont forget the phony resume!

      by BryanMcCool - 16 hours ago

    • You need to explain the 14 year gap in employment. You could have been incarcerated or fell into a drug/alcohol addiction. Or you may have been involved with taking care of a senior parent or grandparent. You just need to know that the 14 year gap is a problem that you have to overcome. Given your explanation of your skills, it may be possible to work as a temporary which places you at an office downtown for a month and across town the month. You have to come clean with your employer to build a trust relationship. Good luck.

      by thomas p - 16 hours ago

    • If you have used your clerical skills for any volunteer work (church, charity, political, social) get a reference from the person in charge. If not, maybe you can do some volunteering to get some experience as well as a potential reference. If you are 34, computer skills from high school are outdated. It may be helpful to take some computer courses in a community college or continuing education offered at a local high school. A temp agency may be able to help you, but be sure you clearly understand their policies. Also, let everyone you know that you are looking for work Good luck.

      by Fantasy Princess - 16 hours ago

    • Don't listen to the ones who put you done on here....I was out only 3 years caring for my mom and had a problem getting a job. Finally succeeded. First off, please make sure you are putting the most attention into presentation. If the way you typed your question is any indication then you may need to get some help with your resume writing skills. Your local college and many online sources may be helpful. Next, make sure you are presenting yourself well in person. You'd be amazed at how many of us give off a negative image and don't even realize it. Good luck.

      by kittemer - 16 hours ago

    • Collage. You can get good jobs if you go to collage. If your under 40 i guess..

      by Artist - 16 hours ago

    • Since you have job experience I'm guessing you may already know this... but do you call up the places you are applying for and show them you are highly interested in the job? One of my past employers was looking to hire somebody and he's like, "I'm going to call so-and-so because she won't leave me alone ha ha." It's actually good to annoy employers! Also, you can go to your local Job Connect and you can start getting in touch with more places of business. They give you an application to fill out, and people looking for employees can get in touch with you. There are also other places online that you can fill out an online resume, and look into applying for all types of different jobs available in your area. Google America's Job Exchange. What your experiencing could simply be a rough patch. At one point I applied for 12 different jobs and didn't get a call back from any of them... and later ended up getting a job somewhere else. Good Luck.

      by namesunimportant - 16 hours ago

    • Work for a non profit organization to get the on the job training. after a year go for a job that pays more money. Apply at an organization that you believe in their cause, i.e. shelter for abuse children, drug rehab, mentally retard adults, etc. You will find kind hearted people working their and they will be more open to help you get back on your feet.

      by D S - 16 hours ago

    • First, make sure you have a resume. I know you probably already knew that, but make sure you go over all of it. And don't be afraid to add stuff. Like, if while you were a cashier at walmart, you answered the phones, make sure you put that. Put down anything that you feel is relevant, and then trim it down if it gets too excessive. Also, try to start at smaller, "Mom & Pop" shops. Where it will be a little more personal, and maybe not so busy, that way you ge the experience while you keep applying elsewhere.

      by Ambur - 16 hours ago

    • I'm sure potential employers think, "What has she done for the last 14 years?" If you can explain that (family, volunteer, whatever) it will help. Consider getting some training at a local college, and continue to network with family and friends who can help you get a job.

      by zipzeronada - 16 hours ago

    • Are you putting up a good interveiw. Do you have a good resume'. ? Its not all about the skills first you have to put up a good presentation when they interveiw you. Impress them be different and not like everyone else. Now i'm not saying be a goof ball be serious but maybe show them a different way of doing things. Act like your really into this, you really want this more than anything in your life. Good luck!

      by Corrie T - 16 hours ago

    • Take a couple of refresher courses. Employers will be more impressed with recent education and the work gap disappears.

      by lollipop - 16 hours ago

    • They are probably looking for those who have more work experience. Even though you took some classes, they want you to be able to jump right into your work and with the big work history gap they are not hiring you. Depending on how long ago you took any classes, I would recommend signing up for some computer refresher courses like Microsoft Office and some Windows classes. Good luck!

      by Tinzy - 16 hours ago

    • Because youre going to the wrong places at the wrong time.I have the same problem.I think its the town I live in! Seriously!!!The people here suck!

      by POOKIE - 16 hours ago

    • I hate to say this, but people are looking for younger people like in their 20s and as many jobs as you have you seem like a 'job hopper' which is the last thing they want. The best way to fix this would be to get into an interview with the boss and "sell yourself" and not to worry many people can't get jobs...like me ^^;

      by spy_the_wolf - 16 hours ago

    • try ROP or Community College, get completion certs. ie microsoft word, masonary skills, etc...

      by SPLNTR - 16 hours ago

    • umm right now the job market is kinda slow. but i have my AAS in Administrative Information and have been trying to get a job since i graduated in may of 07 so dont get discouraged keep going and get urself out there

      by Jorge's Wife - 16 hours ago

    • if your looking for anything besides flipping burgers at the local grease factory... a college/ post-secondary degree is required, it sucks, i know, i still need mine :(

      by Canuck - 16 hours ago

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