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    What are the best "home consultant" sales companies to get into?

    I live in Huntsville, Alabama and am looking to make a little extra money doing something part-time that's also fun. I've been looking into home consultant sales because I love to socialize and show off new stuff. I used to work retail sales and loved it but hated the fact that I had to do it on someone else's schedule for next to nothing. I did all the work and my manager took all the credit. I'm new to the city so I know I'll have to work hard to set up sales but I have the time and the spare cash for a startup that could take a few months to get off the ground. What home sales companies offer products in the most demand? My mom suggested Taste of Home or Longaberger. Does anyone else have any other ideas?
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    What do you think interests you the most? In the area where you live what are the people like? Do you live in an area where people are most often strapped for cash, or more well off and able to splurge a bit on extra stuff each month? It doesn't matter what the demand is so much so as whether or not you are offering something that you can honestly believe in and believe that it will in some way benefit the people whom you offer it to. I have been involved in numerous different companies over the last 9 years. All different sorts of things. What I found is that no matter what the product or service was, if someone is not excited about it and believes what they are saying themselves, then there is no way it will ever work out, period. What sort of things do you like to show off? What qualities do you currently have? There are lots of legit, good companies to choose from, just takes a little bit of search and asking questions. If you need any help or a couple places to start, I'd be happy to share what I can from personal experience. Just let me know what sort of things you are looking towards and we'll see if I can help or not. Good Luck! And you should do great in whatever it is that you choose simply because you have a great understanding of why it is you want to venture this direction and it seems that you know what you have to do to get it done.
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    • Hi there! I highly suggest getting into the health and wellness industry for a couple of reasons: 1) it is the fastest growing industry in the world 2) the products are consumable (meaning that customers will order month after month after month - if the product is good) I am currently with a company which is not only in this industry, but we have EXCLUSIVE rights to a product that is in EXTREMELY high demand. Our first to market, top-selling product—the Ultimate Body Applicator, is a body wrap that tightens and tones the skin, reduces wrinkles, fades stretch marks and shrinks spongy, cellulite prone parts of the body. An added benefit is INCH LOSS. I personally lost 5 inches off my stomach in 45 minutes and after three days I was down 8!!! I have pictures to prove it! The company has received national media attention including an appearance on Comcast Newsmakers news program “Alternatives to Surgery” which aired on CNN South for several weeks. It Works! was also recently featured in Opportunity World Magazine and at the EMMY Swag Gift Suite. There are only 12K distributors in the country, so chances are there very few, if any, where you live. Our company is not a party plan...but we LOVE to Party! I would love to share this opportunity with you, so please email me if interested!

      by sexy.back@rocketmail.com - 12 hours ago

    • I am a Scentsy consultant. We sell wickless candles :) I love the stuff. It makes your house smell SO good and it's safer because there is no flame! The company is growing really fast, and the stuff sells very easily once people get to see and smell the products. Feel free to email me through my profile if you want to ask any questions :) Jenn

      by JenEricRal - 12 hours ago

    • The best opportunities are ones that cater to the Baby Boomers (age 45 - 65). They make up the largest market force in the country right now. What do people in that age range want? 1. Health Products and Services 2. Financial Planning and Self-Improvement 3. Legal and Estate Planning Ask your mom what products she would buy from a 'home consultant', and that'd be a good start.

      by Patrick C Hedges - 12 hours ago

    • Hi, I have started a home based business based on the sale of Health and Wellness products. I have done very well and am looking to get more people involved by setting them up with their own business. This is a genuine opportunity to start a potentially high income business. You can listen to a conference call about the business and decide for yourself: just email me at livinghealthy2007@yahoo.com.au and I will send you the link. Thanks

      by turkshy - 12 hours ago

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