Do-it-yourself website design advice?

I have no experience with website design, but I am fairly intelligent and not too scared of the computer; so I think I can build one myself if I find the right user-friendly interface. Can you recommend a reputable website where I can easily incorporate the following?
1. Domain name registration and multiple e-mail addresses
2. Basic website with links to various pages of information
3. The ability to create a form/registration that can be either completed and submitted online, or printed, completed, and submitted via fax or U.S. Mail
4. The ability to make purchases online using Paypal.
5. Very low monthly fees. This business involves offering classes to home school students, and part of the mission is keeping prices low. Although I do plan to make a profit, it won't be enormous; so $40/month is not a good price for me. It seems that with most services, once you add forms to complete online and online payments, the prices go way up. Anyone know of a good alternative?

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It is not necessary to have experience in web design if you have the proper assistance. There are many web hosts that will assist and provide the necessary tools to build a great site. Most web hosts offer the features that you have listed. I would highly recommend that you take a look at several hosting options so that you know you are getting the best match for you. First compare feature-by-feature then dollar-for-dollar. Using this process will ensure that you get the best fit for your needs and the most value for your money. You can take a look at the web host that I use as one of your options/comparisons.
For feature comparisons
You can see an example through my own website shown in my profile page here on Yahoo Answers.



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Are those things you need, or things you want to sell?

If they're things you NEED, then you can buy a domain name and a web host with a company like Yahoo or GoDaddy. Yahoo actually has an interface that allows you to edit your site pages without knowing HTML. You can set up forms and all that. I believe they're 11.95/mo + setup and domain fee.

GoDaddy is another host, which is cheaper than Yahoo, but their interface is a little cumbersome. You can get hosting for about 70-80 bucks a year. Plus they have discount codes online that save you money, so search for those before you order (if you order).

Paypal is a service that you can incorporate in any site. Just visit for instructions (it's basically just code you copy and paste into your site).

I hope at least some of that helps! : )
Best of luck!


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another site that is easy besides yahoo is

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