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    Businesses I can start under $4000?

    What small business can I start for under $4000. I am not looking for any online businesses or AVON/Mary Kay. I do have the money upfront to start so I am not looking to go get a loan from the bank or any other sources. Any advice would be appreciated !
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    I started mine with about 15 dollars (for the paper i used for ads and a website) I fix computers for locals, i make good money, i dont need a lot of start up money, and im 16 and i made it work. its that simple. Add my msn if you would like to know more about it: my-madhouse@hotmail.com
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    Other Answers

    • I try never to pay to get paid and I've worked as a housesitter, courier, advertising sales for a newspaper, tupperware, and currently for Mary Kay. (No you don't pay to join MK...you get some basic products to get you going for less than wholesale when you join, a one time only special for brand new consultants). How I found the jobs were in the newspaper classifieds. Best of luck!

      by melanie b - 5 hours ago

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      by Lindasay Williams - 5 hours ago

    • You can assemble first aid kits and whole sale them to other larger chain stores. Check out Entrepreneur.com and they have numerous lists of businesses you can start for the price you are looking for and under. Good Luck

      by rnlaxtn17 - 5 hours ago

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