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    what is the best business to start in the Philippines?

    or what is good to franchise? I plan to open up my own business over there and I want to know what kind of business I should start.
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    A business is like a shoe, you have to get the right size, shape and colour that suits you. So the best way to work out the best business for you is to ask yourself "WHY" you wish to start a business. Then you can truly find the most suitable one. I have set up a franchise style business in the Philippines and it is growing very rapidly. It is successful because we have what people want (the consumers). So if you let me know why you wish to start your business, maybe I can help you decide which is best for you as I have some experience.
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    • If you were Bill Gates, I'd say you should start a software company. If you were Ted Turner, I'd say work with the media. If you're (what's his face) who started McDonald's, ... well, you get the idea. Look around you, and ask yourself how YOU PERSONALLY can provide THE MOST value to people in the Philippines.

      by Nick C - 6 hours ago

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