I used to sell avon, and I would love to do something similar-- what other companies are there?

I don't want to go back to selling avon, what other companies are there?

I know that there is mary kay, but the start up is a little expensive...

thanks for your help.

BTW-- If you post ads for cash crate or anything like that you will be reported the second i see it.

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Hi are you looking specifically for other cosmetic companies? There is Arbonne and that has a low start up cost $29 and Aloette but I don't know anything about that one.
I know you said the the $100 start up for Mary is expensive for you would you consider having a show to earn you start up? Just a thought since you mentioned it. Do you know a Mary Kay consultant if not and want to talk more about email me.
also other companies I like are Tastefully Simple
take a look for more ideas

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If I had the time I'd sell vitamins, specifically I love their products.

by Miss V - 7 years ago

what about ummmmmmmmmmmmm pharmacy direct stuff or the post or nutrimetics( nutrimetics is similar to avon)

by l!l~pw!nc3ss~ - 7 years ago

Pampered Chef will love it as well as your and wifey have bought over $500 worth in the last 2 years for alot for bake...cook...ect...ect...with will never use metal again...good luck...hope this helps


by Michael K - 7 years ago

Have you thought of selling Betterware and Kleeneze products.
If you devote your available time to it you would end up with a very good earning potential, why not sell Avon again if you did all 3 imagine the results you could have.
I'm a firm supporter of those who chose this method of earning as most often it is a mum trying hard for her family and in this day that's becoming a thing of the past.
Mary Kay are far to expensive and when I've gone along to a M.J. morning I have felt obliged to purchase as its been a friend who's organized it. I don't like to be in such a position as this, personally party earning could potentially alienate you from some associates.

by colmenar - 7 years ago

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I have a home based business wih Pre-Paid Legal. It is very rewarding b/c you can make a lot of money while helping people.

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by Sunshine - 7 years ago

An you could have like your own cleaning bossiness or whatever you may desire just make some cards an flairs with your desire an a # 2 get ah old of you then you ll have a job like Avon.and it do sent take much.

by LMB - 7 years ago

Arbonne International is a wonderful job as an Independent Consultant!
Arbonne is a Swiss line of personal care products made in the USA. They have skin care lines for women, men and children. They also have make-up, aromatherapy, nutrition and weight loss products.
Arbonne offers you superior products, a generous compensation plan and exceptional leadership.
I have copied from the website the highlights of being a consultant and/or a business builder.
The cost to sign up with Arbonne and become a consultant is only $29.

• Tax advantages, low start-up cost
• Be your own boss — create the income you desire; cash bonuses, overrides and sales incentives
• 35% product discount with toll-free ordering
• Upline support, training and achievement recognition

--Business Builder
• Unlimited income potential
• Mercedes-Benz car program
• Personal and financial freedom
• Help others achieve their goals and dream

Please feel free to email me for more information.


by Sandi - 7 years ago

you can go for a subsidiary of and a sister concern of or This is in top 5 brands and no 1 MLM is as per
with the best teaching ystem and is no 2 MLM globally with the rating of
Nothing is expensive but its the cash in one's pocket which is small or big. Every one cannot buy FERRARI but it still sells.A business class in aeroplane is expensive but it still sells. Overall plane tickets sells in advance of 1 or 2 months in an average.

by pawan - 7 years ago

Have you ever thought about selling Smith and Wesson handguns door to door?
Of course there's always cash crate, or anything like that

by JACKHOFF - 7 years ago

there is a company called work at home united, you could look at their website

by kristie c - 7 years ago

This should be a great resource

~ Carye

by Carye - 7 years ago

I have a representative who also sells Avon, and she recently showed me their business model and I was apalled! I could not believe the compensation plan and I really don't understand why anyone would do that.
As for Mary Kay and Tupperware, etc. those companies have all experienced hyper-growth. They were awesome in their time, but their large incomes have already been earned. Then there is market saturation.

I was like you, just wondering what home based business was something I could actually earn income with, not just income, I wanted something that was modern, and something that the general public was looking for.
I found that in health and wellness. I market only one product, but it is one that is proving itself over and over again.
Your largest market is always the baby boomers and what they are looking for now is health and anti-aging. This product really delivers, they are experiencing positive results. The compensation plan is by far the best I have ever seen, you start earning an income right away without jumping through all the usual hoops that Avon and others have in place. I have found this to be the best company yet.

by Mexico4me - 7 years ago

I would love to talk to you about Purse Party. It's just like avon or mary kay except we sell purses and jewelry! You get paid 30% commission the night of your party and can earn an extra 10%! You can email me if you would like to chat!

Can't wait to talk to you! I know you will love Purse Party. Every woman loves purses and jewelry the combination at parties really sells itself!

by purseparty.comamber - 7 years ago

I know of several legitimate companies that are similar to Avon in that you would be selling products, there is Melaleuca which is a wellness company, Party Lite which is candle based, and Cookie Lee which is jewelry based. I would suggest Melaleuca simply because you would be buying products each month that you would regularly use in your household. They use only natural substances to create their products, things such as shampoos, disinfectants, candles, etc. They have a wide variety of items that you will always use. I personally don't work for them but am aware of someone who currently does, if you want more details, I can reach her for you? Let me know!


by jlb2043 - 7 years ago