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    How can I rank my blog posts higher?

    a year ago 5 Answers

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    HI, there are many things you can do. You can target specific keywords that people search for and have the keyword in the title of the post. Social media integration is more important these days as well as how your blog visitors are interacting with your blog. Think about commenting on your posts, the time they spend on your blog etc. So creating good, valuable posts is important.
    a few seconds ago

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    • do seo

      by Kitt - 7 hours ago

    • get more backlinks

      by Emmerr - 7 hours ago

    • Here are few steps which you can follow to rank your blogs post in Google. 1. Optimize your blog post title and meta tags. Google shows only the title and meta tags in serp. Write a good title and meta description for each blog post manually. 2. Just share your blog post in top presentation sharing websites like slide share, google etc. 3. If you try to add any images in your blog post, just optimize the images as well. 4. Make internal linking through out your blog, so that each post you post on a blog it will be presented in blog as well 5. Try to build some external backlinks to that blog post in relevant theme. 6. Build Google + profile and share your post over there.

      by ferrell - 7 hours ago

    • Use social media to help boost your site rankings - remember, you must optimize your social profiles to rank on search results

      by Peter - 7 hours ago

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