What does lindex means? (in SEO terminology)?

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You're probably referring to Lindexed. They are a backlinking service that place your supplied link to various websites and RSS feeds to help strengthen your authority and page ranking in search engines. They are a paid service, which sometimes is okay to use, but I truly believe in the old fashioned way for long-term success. That is, creating your backlinks yourself. You can do so by means of social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Stubmleupon, Reddit, Digg,, etc. (Those in my opinion have the most effect to my trials.) Also, create a free blogger blog and Wordpress blog, and write similar articles or pages containing related information that then contain a link or two to your various areas of your website.

Eventually you will start to see improvement as long as you keep at it and stay consistent and motivated. You don't have to be an excellent writer to succeed, just determined.

2 months ago

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The term "indexing" is used to describe the process that search engine's carry out to firstly find your site, then secondly "digest" the content of your site. This is the way that search engines gather information about your site in order to "score" each page using their ranking algorithm.Which is help you to get rank your website in search engine very quickly.

by Karl Skotte - 2 months ago

Simply, search engines identify your website or blog on their search terms that call indexing, then website will grab the traffic with good keywords.

by naidu SEO - 2 months ago

When any Search engine robots visits your site, it detects new and updated pages and links. It is 'Index' your page or website by Search engine crawler.

by P A R E S H - 2 months ago