How and Where do I start to get traffic to my website from Hubpages?

I'd like to drive traffic to my website from Hubpages. Can I get some pointers as to where to start and how to approach things?

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Follow these steps to get traffic from Hubpages towards your website:

1. Approve a blog/article on Hubpages about your website's services, products, etc with some back links towards your website.

2. Once approved, then start sharing your lens on all social media sites and try to drive some traffic from that with the help of discussions and question-answers.

3. Write some related content to that of Hubpages one and publish in different blog sites with back-link of Hubpages url.

4. Extract some keywords from the Hubpages - from its title, description and the content. try to build some links on these keywords with Hubpages url in it.

5. In sometime, those keywords will start ranking for your Hubpages and thus your will start getting daily traffic to your lens to your website.

I hope it helps.

3 months ago