Help When placing an order on Amazon?

Ok when Placing an order on Amazon how do I tell where in the world my order is coming from?

I placed an order recently and thought its from USA and should get to my address in couple days or week the longest, its been more than a week since I ordered it I check my order details and checked where its from its says I ordered from China! I didn't even expect I bought something from China, I Don't like ordering from China because it takes forever to get to my address I ordered couple items before on eBay from China and it took like 3-4 weeks, now I'm very disappointed because I wanted this item to get here in a about a week at least. On eBay I can tell where the order will be coming from but on Amazon I don't know how to check so if anyone knows please tell me how I can check.


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Long time ago Amazon had only US distribution centers. Right now they are multi billion business with lot of distribution centers worldwide -

And here is better explanation about all of them:

If you want to know where your order will be shipped - you need to contact their support and ask from witch Fulfillment Center will be shipped. Then look on 2nd address and will see where will coming from.

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not ill

by Peter - 5 months ago

Oh boy, it looks like the counterfeiters made it into Amazon. If it's coming all the way from China, you can be 99.9% sure it's a knockoff item. Especially if the price is unusually cheap versus regular retail.

by Tiffany - 5 months ago