Which Online website builder should I use for me?

I was looking at SquareSpace but I am not sure if its right for me.

Actually, I am a little lost on what I am looking for.
I am a professional athlete looking to finally create a website. I have a FaceBook, twitter, etc. with a big following but my sponsors/supporters have been recommending I build a website.

Any recommendations?

I'd like to do it on my own because it seems like an interesting project for me. I read that Squarespace has a pretty simple and easy user face which is why it caught my attention.


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I agree, if you don't plan a static site, (and regular updates do help retain a following), you would want to use a blog platform, which allows selecting design themes, customizing functionality and add content with no coding.

Odds are a free host like Google's or would do as long as you have a custom domain name, which will allow you to transfer your address to a different host at some later date with minimal disruption. Your total had cost could be just $12 a year. has no paid upgrades, like other free sites, including

try a google seach for intitle:"professional athlete"
to get a feel for what the blogs can look like. (These will all be ones using the free subdomain name)

6 months ago

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For my projects that involve personal websites like yours I usually
It gives a really great level of design freedom but you still don't need any professional knowledge to build a good looking website with it.


by Ben - 6 months ago

I use ultimatewb and think it's the best. It's very easy to use, with lots of features.


by David - 6 months ago

For Website builder you can browse through . This will integrate your Facebook links too . So you have a website with your social presence attached to it .

As per building a website, one can do if proper planing and blue prints are in place .Thou you need to have strong coding in place. This helps in going in a focused way and gives you desired results.

by Tony - 6 months ago