how to ask Google to crawl my site like this?

i have a web site and its pages are like bellow addresses and how can i tell Google to index all pages without im copy pasting all urls of pages. i have more than 2300 pages like this.

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Google may choose not to index some of those pages, If the pages don't have to be isolated you could have them all on a site map that you can submit to Webmaster tools. Yours is an unusual case in not having a home page index that navigates to all the inner pages.

6 months ago

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It is essential for websites to get indexed by Google. Google can index the website itself as Google bots crawl the web time to time. If your site is not getting indexed in Google then you can use a link to tell about your website to Google. Here is the link where you can say about your website to Google.

You need to logged in via Gmail and you can add your website URL there. It will get indexed as soon as possible.


by Addy - 6 months ago