How people are getting benifit on free websites?

How to register a website and what is the fee for it? How people are getting benifit on free websites? like facebook, twitter. Other than advertisements what they will get?

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Most free hosts earn revenue with a combination of advertising and paid upgrades. User content is the engine that drives the ad revenue by attracting visitors.

You can register a site domain name through an official registrar like or for about $12 a year. You effectively own the name as long as you pay the annual renewal, corporations may pay 10 years in advance.

The site might use a free host with the custom domain or paid hosting providing better performance and control, typically costing $4 to $9 a month on a shared server.

6 months ago

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Other than advertisement business people can generate traffic and can get valid back link.

by dani - 6 months ago

people get benifit on website becoz on website people can get free product easily.

by Sania Ariefin - 6 months ago