I want to do email marketing of products so please suggest me some best email database providing websites ?

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Hi Nilesh,

There are so many website on internet you can search on internet.
Some of them which i feel trusted... i am mentioning here:

8 months ago

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by Obed - 8 months ago

Aweber and Get response

by Ashraf - 8 months ago

Hey nilesh,

There are many really great services out there.

Aweber - Getresponse - Mailchimp - iContact and more...

You would need to take a free trial to check their specs and what do you need for your work.

I'm using Getresponse cause it has incredible email templates and fantastic analytics reports for further optimizing of your campaigns.

If you are interested here is a free 30$ coupon link for GetResponse.


by Vasilis Stergiou - 8 months ago

Hi Nilesh,

I work for a great email list business called where you can find a variety of different types of lists. I also love working with Constant Contact for email marketing!

by Max - 8 months ago

Even we do offer marketing emails at very affordable price...

by Metro - 8 months ago