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    I committed to buying an item on Ebay?

    Hello. So I have recently looked at an item I wanted to buy. The seller said there will be combined shipping if I buy two. So I did. The thing is, Ebay didn't do the combined shipping, so I contacted the seller. He said to click the button for an invoice directly from the seller. I did that, but they asked if I was committed to buying the items. These items that I am buying aren't like bids, it was one of those buy nows. So, will there be problems if I wait for the seller to send me the new invoice, of would I have to pay immeadialty, for those items I have committed to buy? Please help! I am new at this, and I don't know how to proceed. Also, since I have committed, is it shipped out already?
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    First, just to correct the other persons answer, ebay does offer combined shipping. Okay now don't panic! its not so hard as it seems. when you clicked the invoice button, you asked for a correct price from the seller, because eBay didn't automatically merge the postage costs. NOTHING on eBay is posted UNTIL it has been paid for. some people buy stuff and never pay for it, they just leave it sit there. you could either write to the seller and ask nicely if you could cancel the item you didn't want (as it was a mistake or something) or you could pay for the thing you want, and tell them you'll pay for the other item later, and just never pay for it. it will be cancelled after a while anyway, and nobody loses because they still have to item to resell. It really isn't big deal, so don't get worked up :)
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