I want to know about on-page factors?

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On-page factors are:
Keyword Selection
Title Tag
Meta Tag
H1 Tag
Alt Tag
Sitemap Creation


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You question is rather short and cryptic.

Is it about Search Engine Optimization?

The search engines would like to all all optimization effort take place on the site, rather than creating undeserved baclinks from other sites that are not true indicators of popularity.

Quality, original content is important for getting search raking, having a list if target keywords one wants to rank for, and incorporating some of these into the meta title, header and body of an article can improve ranking for that keyword.

Here's a Search Engine Optimization primer by an SEO authority, teaching the more legitimate ways to boost your ranking.

by Jake - 8 months ago

A lot of marketers perceive on page factors to make up just 10% of the overall ranking factors. Still you will need to ensure them since they serve as the foundations. On page SEO is all about the things you can do onsite, through the backend to align your website with the proven standards developed through years of case study. Basically, you will need to make sure that search engines don't misunderstand what your website is all about. Some on page factors include:
Page Title
Meta Tags and Description
Page Loading
Keyword placement, density, and variations
Image and video metas
Duplicate content prevention using robot commands no index
site structure.. using nofollow and noindex
formality pages such as disclaimer, terms, and privacy policy
and some other guidelines to increase conversion such as call to actions

Most of them you only need to set once.
Then all you need to care about is providing value and high quality content..

by Richard - 8 months ago

On-page factors (I'm assuming your question is about having favorable-SEO results, since we're in this CATEGORY) are pretty simple.

I believe, your purpose for implementing SEO on this page is to rank high on search engines & also increase the chances of people coming to your site (a.k.a TRAFFIC) when keying in their search terms / phrases.

In the past, I find the process of indexing individual pages (i.e. 1 web-page to 1 domain-name) very tedious. All the efforts expended, may not equate to any rankings at all, trust me.

The best solution these days, is just set up a blog. Then, INCLUDE 1 YOUTUBE video (it doesn't have to be your own) that is relevant, on that page that you want to index.

My reasons for doing so are:

a. Blogs automatically help keep your content in 1 area.
b. Pages belonging to a domain will have more "strength". i.e. search engines will place higher
emphasis IF this page has other relevant content linked to it.
c. "Search engines loves blogs" - heard of this phrase?

I personally use this strategy to reach out to customers ORGANICALLY, when I launch products (i.e. create a LAUNCH page within my site), using keywords they are most likely to use when looking for such topics.

Hope this helps & I wish you success,



by Jacky - 8 months ago