what's the most reliable dating website online?

Or is those dating website really reliable because what if I meet a chick in real life but founds out that she's a dude, a lesbian, or something else that wasn't covered on the profile info?

Don't get me wrong. I am not prejudice against Transgender people, Lesbians, or anyone else but I would like to know who I am really dating because I hear that people often lie on their pro more than they would lie about themselves in real life. I think it's much easier for them to lie online than in real life.

Anyway, what's the most reliable dating website online and/or any of them are reliable at all?

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Unfortunately, no matter what the dating site you cannot stop people lying. They are all as reliable as each other.

8 months ago

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Why don't you just actually talk to a girl you know in person and not just online, then you won't have to deal with fake profiles?

by abby - 8 months ago

None of them are reliable. Pretend you were a transgender and wanted to get in as you're setting up an account. Nothing stoppin' ya.

Btw please help out with my question here haha.

by Anon - 8 months ago

Probably those that require memberships, such as eHarmony.

The best way to meet someone is through friends, family, and co-workers, church (are you atheist?), clubs, and social functions.

There's no secret formula and Ms. Right isn't hanging around waiting for you. Make a list of realistic expectations of the characteristics you want. Nobody will meet all of those, but it's to help you better understand your needs and desires. Are you also the fine upstanding man for the woman you desire?

Best wishes!

by falsi fiable - 8 months ago

Most people are honest enough. If they disappear in talking to you, they're probably just getting off. Anyone who actually wants to meet probably is more or less what they say they are., although they'll obviously have represented themselves in the best light so prepared to be a bit let down. But all of this is a trust relationship - and no more than real life, where trans folk represent themselves in a particular way, and gay/lesbian people aren't necessarily obvious.

by ? - 8 months ago

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by Richard - 8 months ago