What sells the best on eBay?

I will be going to flea markets and yard sales what stuff sells the best

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What sells best is what you know how to sell. There is no substitute for experience. While others claim you should shy away from some items I have no problems selling those items easily. Sell what sells itself but always look to expand your horizon. You will not always run across games and phones at yard sales but chances are you will by pass items that could make you money if you knew how to sell them the right way.

10 months ago

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Video Games/Consoles which you are able to test and vouche that they are in working order. TI-83 Calculators. Some other misc electronics. I've never had any luck trying to sell clothes, stuffed animals, or pocket knifes, or anything among that nature. I tend to stick to electronics when I sell things. N64 games sell really well in my opinion. I just tend to keep most of those ><

by Daniel - 10 months ago

On ebay, latest model iPhones (4 through to 5 ) sell like wildfire, and at good prices too. Apple products in general sell very well, providing there is no damage.
Blackberrys, not so much. You can get a blackberry for around £20, but alot of them don't even sell!
General designer gear really. Not so much second hand clothes, there are too many items of clothing on ebay already so nothing really sells. Designer earrings and bags are good sellers.
limited edition items.
Nike blazers/airs and especially liberty London air max, they go for £300-£500.
Furniture too!

by Kristen - 10 months ago