Does getting "endorsed" professionally in LinkedIn really have any value?

I belong to a number of professional discussion groups on LinkedIn and often get a notice that I have been "endorsed" for one of my professional skills... nursing, health promotion, health education, etc. I have never bothered to accept the endorsement because I don't see the benefit to me, AND that it somehow obligates me to turn around and endorse the endorser, whom I often don't know.

What's your opinion/experience in this area?

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Getting endorsed helps build your credibility in that field. The endorsements that you receive on a given field reinforces the skills listed in your resume.

If a potential employer looks for your Linkedin profile, seeing endorsements in specific skills gives them ideas of what you can do -- and the possible scope of your talents and skills

I like getting endorsements, especially from people I know and admire in the field. But I've never felt compelled to do a tit-for-tat and endorse the other person back (I've got emails requesting me if I could endorse them for a particular field)

10 months ago