Can I be a search engine optimizer at 14?

Hey what's good guys I'm 14 and my sisters boyfriend keeps on urging me to start reading and studying search engine optimization. I've done some research and both him and various websites say that it is fairly simple and can land you big bucks. I know SEO in a nutshell like what it is how you do it and stuff but I'm just curious if it is actually possible for me, the average 14 year old, to carry out this task. My sisters boyfriend says it is and claims that he knows people who have done it in the past when they were around 12. I would love to do that but is it possible for me to actually make money. He says he'll be my client and get me a lot more. So do you guys think its worth a shot of learning how to do it and getting set up for a possible failure? I'll give it a shot regardless but I just want to see my chances. Thanks and my apologize for the long post.

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Sure it's possible to become an expert at something and sell your services at 14. And sure, you could fail. This is an excellent time to find out which one is going to happen. Even a "failure" will bring you new knowledge and new tools in your bag of tricks for the next venture. But all the studying in the world is no substitute for actually getting your hands dirty. Even if that's the only SEO project you ever do, jump on the opportunity you've been given and try it.

10 months ago

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Not at all.

by Tim - 10 months ago